Thursday, March 15, 2007

Christmas 2006

Kahana Bay kayak trip

Friday, October 27, 2006

Kalalau trail again

I've done the Kalalau trail AGAIN in August 2006.
You can find more official info about the hike here.

Pictures from the Na Pali hike

Ke'e beach from the trail. (good snorkeling down there)

Hanakapi'ai beach on the way there. (2nd mile)

Somewhere after Hanakapiai.

Striking the swan pose. (need to practise)

Somewhere out there ..

Hanakoa falls

Meeting friends in Hanakoa

Almost there

Sunset on the Red Hill

Kalalau signpost

Morning on Kalalau beach

Kalalau caves

Beyond the Kalalau beach

Into the Kalalau

Leaving Kalalau

Visiting local tribe

Camp fire baked pizza , served on banana leaf

The best tea Davood ever had

I can't cooment .. was afraid to try it .. :)

View from the living room

Kalalau beach from the Red Hill

On the way back through the Red Hill

On the red hill

School of fish near the New beach

Into the Kalalau Valey

View of Red Hill

Sea caves